Donating tools to the St. Albert Tool Library

A good selection of tools is key to making a tool library useful to the community. We appreciate your help to build up our inventory. 

  • All tools donated should be in good condition and functional. Our space is limited so we appreciate your help in providing quality tools.  

  • Donated tools become the property of the Tool Library and may be sold, redirected into community or put towards other purposes to support the library.

  • We cannot accept gas powered tools at this time.

  • Please e-mail or use the form below to let us know what you have to donate. Once accepted, we can arrange a drop off day and time. Thank you! 


  • mitre saw
  • table saw
  • tile saw
  • router
  • lathe
  • staple gun
  • air compressor
  • drill press
  • stud finder
  • battery tester
  • hammer drill
  • sledge hammer
  • pipe bender
  • cricut
  • clamps
  • pruners
  • extension pruners
  • leaf blower
  • folding ladders
  • siding brush
  • axe
  • eavestrough cleaner
  • pressure washer
  • air compressor
  • shop vacuum
  • car buffer
  • dehumidifier
  • extension cords
  • clamps
  • painting supplies
  • wood burner
  • sewing machine
  • cider press,
  • ice cream maker
  • dehydrator
  • canner
  • pressure cooker
  • cherry pitter
  • cake decorating set and moulds
  • juicer
  • bread maker
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